Dendrite and dendritic spine alterations in Alzheimer models.


Synaptic damage and loss are factors that affect the degree of dementia experienced in Alzheimer disease (AD) patients. Multicolor DiOlistic labeling of the hippocampus has been undertaken which allows the full dendritic arbor of targeted neurons to be imaged. Using this labeling technique the neuronal morphology of two transgenic mouse lines (J20 and APP… (More)


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@article{Moolman2004DendriteAD, title={Dendrite and dendritic spine alterations in Alzheimer models.}, author={Donna L Moolman and Ottavio V. Vitolo and Jean-Paul Gerard Vonsattel and Michael L Shelanski}, journal={Journal of neurocytology}, year={2004}, volume={33 3}, pages={377-87} }