Dendrimer-based biosensor for chemiluminescent detection of DNA hybridization

  title={Dendrimer-based biosensor for chemiluminescent detection of DNA hybridization},
  author={Pei Liu and Xu Hun and Hongqing Qing},
  journal={Microchimica Acta},
AbstractWe report on a highly sensitive chemiluminescent (CL) biosensor for the sequenc-specific detection of DNA using a novel bio barcode DNA probe modified with gold nanoparticles that were covered with a dendrimer. The modified probe is composed of gold nanoparticles, a dendrimer, the CL reagent, and the DNA. The capture probe DNA was immobilized on magnetic beads covered with gold. It first hybridizes with the target DNA and then with one terminal end of the signal DNA on the barcoded DNA… CONTINUE READING