Den svenska dataingenjören – En jämförande studie av 10 svenska civilingenjörsprogram inom det datavetenskapliga området.

  title={Den svenska dataingenj{\"o}ren – En j{\"a}mf{\"o}rande studie av 10 svenska civilingenj{\"o}rsprogram inom det datavetenskapliga omr{\aa}det.},
  author={Jon Karlfeldt},
In Sweden, ten higher education institutions offer att at least one M.Sc. in Engineering degree programme in the field of Computer Science. The names of the programmes differ almost as much as their content, and it is easy to wonder: What, actually, is a Computing Engineer? This thesis attempts to answer that question by surveying one degree programme per university or university college. This is done through a study of the programme's content of disciplinary knowledge and skills, as well as of… CONTINUE READING


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