Demonstration that mammalian methionine synthases are predominantly cobalamin-loaded.

  title={Demonstration that mammalian methionine synthases are predominantly cobalamin-loaded.},
  author={Zunxuan X Chen and Sharmistha Chakraborty and Ruma Banerjee},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={270 33},
Methionine synthase is an important cellular housekeeping enzyme and is dependent on the cofactor cobalamin, a derivative of vitamin B12, for activity. It functions in two major metabolic pathways including the tetrahydrofolate-dependent one-carbon cycle and the salvage pathway for methionine. Its dysfunction has several physiological ramifications and leads to the development of megaloblastic anemia. In addition, it is suspected to be involved in the pathogenesis of neural tube defects. An… CONTINUE READING

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