Demonstration of integrated reflective optics in microfabricated ion traps


Efficient collection of trapped ion fluorescence is critical for high-fidelity qubit detection and ion-photon logical interconnects in ion trap quantum information processing. The expected size of future many-ion processors place scalability requirements for high efficiency optical collection systems. We report the development and testing of a microfabricated planar ion trap with an integrated high numerical aperture micromirror for improved photon collection. The design is tolerant of ion misalignment and is inherently scalable to large arrays of detection mirrors in a single device. We demonstrate stable trapping and transport of Ca ions over a 0.63 NA micromirror and observe a factor of 1.9 enhancement in photon collection. PACS numbers: 37.10.Ty, 03.67.Lx, 42.15.Eq

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