Demonstration of heavy and light density populations of Aleutian disease virus.

  • Hai Jeong Cho
  • Published 1977 in
    Canadian journal of comparative medicine : Revue…


A highly purified and concentrated suspension of aleutian disease virus was prepared from large quantities of early infected mink tissues using repeated fluorocarbon extraction procedures. Equilibrium centrifugation of the aleutian disease virus preparation in a cesium chloride gradient yielded three distinct bands at buoyant densities of 1.295, 1.332, and 1.405--1.416 g/cm(3). Electron microscopic observations of these three bands revealed mainly empty particles in the first band. In the second band complete particles with a flattened appearnce predominated and there were also some empty particles. In the third band both complete and empty particles were observed. The size of the aleutian disease virus particles observed in all of the three densities was 23 nm. Light aleutian disease virions (density of 1.332 g/cm3) had a particle to counterimmunoelectrophoresis antigen ratio comparable to that of dense aleutian disease virions (density of 1.405--1.416 g/cm3) but possessed much lower infectivity as determined by mink inoculation.

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