Demonstration of citation pattern analysis for plagiarism detection

  title={Demonstration of citation pattern analysis for plagiarism detection},
  author={Bela Gipp and Norman Meuschke and Corinna Breitinger and Mario Lipinski and A. N{\"u}rnberger},
  journal={Proceedings of the 36th international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval},
  • Bela Gipp, Norman Meuschke, +2 authors A. Nürnberger
  • Published 2013
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the 36th international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval
Limitations of Plagiarism Detection Systems State-of-the-art plagiarism detection approaches capably identify copy & paste and to some extent slightly modified plagiarism. However, they cannot reliably identify strongly disguised plagiarism forms, including paraphrases, translated plagiarism, and idea plagiarism, which are forms of plagiarism more commonly found in scientific texts. This weakness of current systems results in a large fraction of today’s scientific plagiarism going undetected. 
Citation‐based plagiarism detection: Practicability on a large‐scale scientific corpus
Evaluation of CbPD in detecting plagiarism with various degrees of disguise in a collection of 185,000 biomedical articles shows that the citation‐based approach achieves superior ranking performance for heavily disguised plagiarism forms and is demonstrated to be computationally more efficient than character‐based approaches. Expand
Analyzing Semantic Concept Patterns to Detect Academic Plagiarism
This work presents Semantic Concept Pattern Analysis - an approach that performs an integrated analysis of semantic text relatedness and structural text similarity and demonstrates that this approach can detect plagiarism that established text matching approaches would not identify. Expand
On the development of a plagiarism detection model based on citation analysis using a bibliographic database
The step-by-step algorithm for addressing a query to the Web of Science and Scopus databases and analysis of the obtained data can be recommended for implementation into systems of plagiarism detection as an additional component. Expand
Text Mining for Plagiarism Detection: Multivariate Pattern Detection for Recognition of Text Similarities
A text mining methodology is proposed that can detect all common patterns between a document and the documents in a reference database and has been applied in a well-defined dataset providing very promising results identifying difficult cases of plagiarism such as technical disguise. Expand
Hybrid technique for plagiarism detection based on text and citation comparison
Plagiarism is a “stealing of academic assets”. In earlier days, numerous text documents are accessible on the web and that are effortless to have an access of it. Appropriate to this largeExpand
The struggle with academic plagiarism: Approaches based on semantic similarity
  • T. Vrbanec, A. Mestrovic
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 40th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO)
  • 2017
A report of how semantic similarity measures can be used in the plagiarism detection task is presented, however the problem of identifying paraphrasing or obfuscation plagiarism remains unresolved. Expand
Survey of Plagiarism Detection Approaches and Big data Techniques related to Plagiarism Candidate Retrieval
An overview of the best-known methods of detection of plagiarism that exist is given and the concept of big data is defined as one of these techniques that applied in the phase of extraction of documents sources for plagiarism detection. Expand
Comparing and combining Content‐ and Citation‐based approaches for plagiarism detection
This work compares content and citation‐based approaches for plagiarism detection with the goal of evaluating whether they are complementary and if their combination can improve the quality of the detection and concluded that a combination of the methods can be beneficial. Expand
Visual Assessment of Alleged Plagiarism Cases
A visual analysis tool to support the verification, assessment, and presentation of alleged cases of plagiarism, which provides a significant improvement over existing static visualizations for assessing plagiarism cases. Expand
Citation analysis as a basis for the development of an additional module in antiplagiarism systems
  • V. Gureev, N. Mazov
  • Computer Science
  • Scientific and Technical Information Processing
  • 2013
It is shown how direct borrowings from scientific works can be identified by comparing bibliographies in view of their unique structure, which varies from one publication to another. Expand


Comparative evaluation of text- and citation-based plagiarism detection approaches using guttenplag
It is shown that citation-based plagiarism detection performs significantly better than text-based procedures in identifying strong paraphrasing, translation and some idea plagiarism. Expand
Citation pattern matching algorithms for citation-based plagiarism detection: greedy citation tiling, citation chunking and longest common citation sequence
Three algorithms are introduced and it is shown that if these algorithms are combined, common forms of plagiarism can be detected reliably and Greedy Citation Tiling, Citation Chunking and Longest Common Citation Sequence are combined. Expand
Test cases for plagiarism detection software
A typology of plagiarism, which makes clear that plagiarism is more than just an exact copy, is discussed, and a collection of 42 test cases in German are presented that were developed at the HTW Berlin for testing plagiarism detection software. Expand
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Each day, over 2 million people access NCBI databases and download a total of more than 3 terabytes (trillion bytes) of data. Expand
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