Demonstration of antibodies to chlorophenothiazine derivatives.

  title={Demonstration of antibodies to chlorophenothiazine derivatives.},
  author={Kenji Furuya and Shozo Urasawa},
  journal={International archives of allergy and applied immunology},
  volume={57 1},
Antibody to 2-chloro-10-(2-carboxyethyl)-phenothiazine (CECP) was produced in rabbits by immunization with the hapten-BSA conjugate. The titer of antibody was determined by passive hemagglutination (PHA) using erythrocytes coupled with the CECP-protein carrier. Results from inhibition tests using structurally related (CECP, CPZ, PCPZ, CMP) and almost unrelated haptens (DDA, RF) strongly suggested that both the side chain and the nucleus of the haptens are important in determining the… CONTINUE READING