[Demonstration of abnormalities of myocardial mitochondrial oxygenation in cardiac graft rejection].


Abnormalities of myocardial metabolism during acute rejection may be due to ischemia to primary metabolic changes related to rejection. An experimental study of heterotopic cardiac transplantation in the rat was undertaken to study myocardial mitochondrial oxidation during acute rejection. The receivers were Lewis rats and the donors Fischer (FL: allograft) or Lewis (LL: isograft) rats. The oxygen consumption of the mitochondria (VO2m) isolated from the transplanted and native hearts was measured by oxygraphy six days after transplantation. Using maleate and glutamate substrates, the VO2m of transplanted hearts was significantly lower than that of native hearts in the two groups of rats (FL, p less than 0.01; LL, p less than 0.01). In addition, the VO2m of FL allograft transplanted hearts was significantly lower than in the LL rats (30 +/- 9 vs 100 +/- 15 nanoatoms of oxygen/min.mg/prot, p less than 0.01) as was the VO2m of the native hearts (FL: 106 +/- 23 vs LL: 164 +/- 26, p less than 0.02). The respiratory control ratio (RCR) was significantly lower in the transplanted than in the native hearts in both the FL and LL groups (p less than 0.05 and p less than 0.01 respectively). The comparison of the RCR in the two groups (FL vs LL) showed no significant difference for transplanted or native hearts. Electron microscopy of transplanted (rejected or not) and native hearts showed no morphological abnormality of the mitochondria. The lower VO2m of the allograft group indicates a disturbance in the mitochondrial respiratory pathway during acute rejection.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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