Demonstration of Asymmetric Gate Oxide Thickness 4-Terminal FinFETs

  title={Demonstration of Asymmetric Gate Oxide Thickness 4-Terminal FinFETs},
  author={Meishoku Masahara and Radu Surdeanu and Liesbeth Witters and Gerben Doornbos and V. Nguyen and Geert Van den bosch and C. Vrancken and K. Devriendt and Franois Neuilly and E. Kunnen and M. Jurczak and S. Biesemans},
  journal={2006 IEEE international SOI Conferencee Proceedings},
Flexibly-Vth-controllable four-terminal-FinFETs (4T-FinFETs) (Fried, et al., 2003) have great potential to prevent catastrophic increases in static power consumption. Previously-reported 4T-FinFETs had symmetrically thin gate oxides on both channels, unfortunately resulting in large S-slope due to the negative effect of the high second gate (G2) controllability (Lim, et al., 1983). To attain a good S-slope even after DG separation, the asymmetric gate oxide thickness (Tox) (thin drive-gate… CONTINUE READING