Demographic features of subjects with congenital glaucoma

  title={Demographic features of subjects with congenital glaucoma},
  author={Nevbahar Tamçelik and Eray Atalay and Selim Bolukbasi and Olgu Çapar and Ahmet Ozkok},
  booktitle={Indian journal of ophthalmology},
CONTEXT Congenital glaucoma is a potentially blinding ocular disease of the childhood. Identification of the possible associated risk factors and may be helpful for prevention or early detection of this public health problem. AIMS To demonstrate the demographic features of congenital glaucoma subjects. SETTING AND DESIGN The charts of congenital glaucoma patients referred to Tamcelik Glaucoma Center were retrospectively reviewed through the dates of 2000 and 2013. MATERIALS AND METHODS… CONTINUE READING
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