Demographic features of patients seeking cosmetic surgery.

  title={Demographic features of patients seeking cosmetic surgery.},
  author={Jun Ishigooka and Minako Iwao and Miyoshi Suzuki and Yasuaki Fukuyama and Mitsukuni Murasaki and Sadanori Miura},
  journal={Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences},
  volume={52 3},
The demographic features of 415 patients seeking cosmetic surgery were investigated from a psychiatric point of view. Of the 415 patients, 198 (47.7%) were found to have mental disorders according to ICD-10 including: 17 with schizophrenia, 20 with other persistent delusional disorders, 33 with depressive episode, 47 with neurotic disorders, 42 with hypochondriacal disorder, five with paranoid personality disorder and 14 with histrionic personality disorder. The rate of subjects with poor… CONTINUE READING


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