Demographic Histories, Isolation and Social Factors as Determinants of the Genetic Structure of Alpine Linguistic Groups

  title={Demographic Histories, Isolation and Social Factors as Determinants of the Genetic Structure of Alpine Linguistic Groups},
  author={V. Coia and M. Capocasa and P. Anagnostou and V. Pascali and F. Scarnicci and I. Boschi and C. Battaggia and F. Crivellaro and G. Ferri and M. Al{\`u} and F. Brisighelli and G. Busby and C. Capelli and F. Maixner and G. Cipollini and P. Viazzo and A. Zink and G. Destro Bisol},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
Great European mountain ranges have acted as barriers to gene flow for resident populations since prehistory and have offered a place for the settlement of small, and sometimes culturally diverse, communities. Therefore, the human groups that have settled in these areas are worth exploring as an important potential source of diversity in the genetic structure of European populations. In this study, we present new high resolution data concerning Y chromosomal variation in three distinct Alpine… Expand
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