Demographic Fever Dreams: Fragile Masculinity and Population Politics in the Rise of the Global Right

  title={Demographic Fever Dreams: Fragile Masculinity and Population Politics in the Rise of the Global Right},
  author={Banu G{\"o}karıksel and Christopher Neubert and Sara Smith},
  journal={Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society},
  pages={561 - 587}
In the midst of the current global turn to the right, striking resonances across oceans emerge: strongmen and their allies point to specific and vivid tales or images signaling demographic shifts as signs of danger. These could be lesbian farmers (supposedly) staging a takeover of the US Midwest, tales of virtuous headscarf-wearing women under attack by secular men (in Turkey), or of Muslim Romeos luring Hindu women to convert (in India). In each of these cases, the story lodges in the body and… 
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“I had Missionary Grandparents for Christ’s Sakes!”: White Women in Transracial/Cultural Families Bearing Witness to Whiteness
  • W. Allen
  • Sociology
    Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies
  • 2019
White women have occupied a distinct position in histories of White supremacy. With the rise of White supremacist discourses in this current epoch, I posit now is a critical time to examine how White
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  • Sociology
    Journal of Contemporary Asia
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shown to be rooted within a framework of racial hierarchy. Although previous literature attests to such racial differentiation, it is Raleigh’s painstaking ethnographic and interview-based approach
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