Demographic, socioeconomic and educational aspects of obesity in an adult population.

  title={Demographic, socioeconomic and educational aspects of obesity in an adult population.},
  author={Alpaslan Kiliçarslan and Mehlika Işildak and Gulay Sain Guven and Serife Gul Oz and Mine Durusu Tannover and Ali Erkan Duman and Osman Saraçbaşi and Tumay Sozen},
  journal={Journal of the National Medical Association},
  volume={98 8},
Obesity as a disease is a yet-unidentified sum of genetic and environmental factors. Risky eating behavior and lifestyle may bring the disease. The aim of the study was to find out risk factors for obesity factors influencing definition of obesity. Participants (n = 1500) who filled out a questionnaire about eating habits are grouped according to their body mass indices as normal weight, overweight and obese (n = 500 in each group). According to our results, the prevalence of having obese first… CONTINUE READING

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