Democratic Planned Socialism: Feasible Economic Procedures

  title={Democratic Planned Socialism: Feasible Economic Procedures},
  author={Al Campbell},
  journal={Science & Society},
  • Al Campbell
  • Published 2002
  • Sociology
  • Science & Society
  • OVER THE YEARS, MANY SOCIALISTS have written about the undesirability or impossibility of using markets in an authentic socialist society. Well-known early advocates of this position include Marx (1875), Bellamy (1888), Kautsky (1892), Bukkarin and Preobrazhensky (1919), and Neurath (1919). Only recently, however, have more fully worked out models of Democratic Planned Socialism (DPS)1 been put forward by Devine (1988), Albert and Hahnel (1991a; 1991b), Cockshott and Cottrell (1993) and Laibman… CONTINUE READING


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