Democracy and the politics of power alternation in Africa

  title={Democracy and the politics of power alternation in Africa},
  author={David E. Kiwuwa},
  • David E. Kiwuwa
  • Published 2013
  • Sociology
  • Namibia's Nujoma, Zambia's Chiluba, Algeria's Bouteflika, Togo's Eyadema, Cameroon's Biya, Nigeria's Obasanjo, Niger's Tandja and Uganda's Museveni have all to varying degrees attempted to subvert the democratization process in their respective countries. These however are only a small selection of an increasingly similar pattern of action by incumbents in Africa. What is most troubling to democratic transitionists is a concerted effort by these leaders to curtail their fledgling democracies in… CONTINUE READING

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