Democracy and Development

  title={Democracy and Development},
  author={Axel Hadenius},
Is economic development conducive to political democracy? Does democracy foster or hinder material welfare? These two questions are examined by looking at the experience of 135 countries between 1950 and 1990. Descriptive information, statistical analyses, and historical narratives are interwoven to gain an understanding of the dynamic of political regimes and their impact on economic development and other aspects of material welfare. The findings, several most surprising, dispel any notion of… Expand
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Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy: Why Democracies Fail
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Democracy for Better Governance and Higher Economic Growth in the MENA Region
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Democracy and Human Development: A Cross-National Analysis
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The Durability of Political Goods? Evidence from Nigeria's New Democracy
Abstract A conventional argument suggests that, for new democracies to survive, citizens must receive benefits of socioeconomic development. Yet an emerging literature shows that, followingExpand
A considerable theoretical and empirical literature failed to reach consensus on the relevance of the nature of political regimes for economic performance. Research on democracy's effect on growth isExpand


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