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Democracy: Presidential or Parliamentary Does it Make a Difference?

  title={Democracy: Presidential or Parliamentary Does it Make a Difference?},
  author={Juan Jos{\'e} Linz and Pelatiah Pert},
Structural Determinants of Democratic Consolidation and Nepal’s Loktantra Since 2017
Despite frequent political changes, democratic consolidation is not a popular question among the researchers of democracy in Nepal. This article aims to connect the theoretical discussion ofExpand
How Governor Detentions Weakened the PRI
Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented rise of Mexican governors prosecuted and incarcerated for corruption, most of which were from the ruling party pri (Partido Revolucionario Institucional).Expand
The Impacts of Political Corruption on Democratic Consolidation and the Electoral Process in Nigeria
  • C. Joseph
  • Political Science
  • Academicus International Scientific Journal
  • 2020
Since 1999, Nigeria has witnessed an uninterrupted democratic experiment with many challenges. With the installation of multi-party democracy in Nigeria, the era of military authoritarian regimesExpand
Ensuring Penitentiary System Security: Prospects of Putting Foreign Experience to Use in Russia
From the critical perspective of the concept of “human emancipation” globalization represents an important historical challenge to realism, liberalism and Marxism. Nevertheless, they are not to beExpand
Iraqi Constitutional System: Is a Supreme Parliamentarianism or Separation of Powers?
  • 2018
Iraq approved a new constitution in a popular referendum On 15 October 2005, and entered into force in 2006, Iraqi constitutional designers concluded that parliamentary system were indeed moreExpand
The construction of democracy in Cape Verde: from portuguese colonial conditionalism to international recognition
João Paulo Madeira PhD in Social Sciences from Lisbon University (UL, Portugal). Assistant Professor at the University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV). Researcher at theExpand
Since the fall of authoritarian and dictatorial regimes in West Africa, the sub-region has witnessed democratic change with the installation of multi-party political systems in almost all theExpand
Federal Political Fragmentation in Mexico's 2015 Elections
ABSTRACT The 2015 congressional, gubernatorial and mayoral elections in Mexico display the continuation of political changes that started 15 years ago. The most notorious change in 2015 is theExpand
Theorizing national preference formation
This article seeks to explain through the contextualized comparisons of a few critical cases how national preferences on an interstate bargaining issue are formed domestically. It proposes anExpand