Demand Response Mismatch (DRM): Concept, Impact Analysis, and Solution

  title={Demand Response Mismatch (DRM): Concept, Impact Analysis, and Solution},
  author={Fazil Abdul Rahiman and Hatem H. Zeineldin and Vinod Khadkikar and Scott W. Kennedy and V. Ravikumar Pandi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid},
Demand response (DR) is emerging as one of the key smart grid components that plays a major role in achieving adequate supply-demand balance. DR is often considered as a market resource and thus there is more focus in the literature on economic aspects, thereby neglecting the DR's interaction and impact on the power system operation. This paper identifies a potential gap while employing DR in distribution systems. Usually, the load reactive power and the load's voltage dependency are ignored in… CONTINUE READING