Demagnetizing factors for rectangular prisms

  title={Demagnetizing factors for rectangular prisms},
  author={D.-X. Chen and Enrique Pardo and A. Sanchez},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
For rectangular prisms of dimensions 2a/spl times/2b/spl times/2c with constant material susceptibility /spl chi/, we have calculated and tabulated the fluxmetric and magnetometric demagnetizing factors N/sub f/ and N/sub m/, defined along the 2c dimension as functions of c/(ab)/sup 1/2/(=1/spl sim/500), a/b(=1/spl sim/256), and /spl chi/(=0/spl sim/10/sup 9/). We introduce an interpolation technique for obtaining N/sub f,m/ with arbitrary values of c/(ab)/sup 1/2/, a/b, and /spl chi/. 
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