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Dell Computer: Using E-commerce To Support the Virtual Company

  title={Dell Computer: Using E-commerce To Support the Virtual Company},
  author={Kenneth L. Kraemer and Jason L. Dedrick},
  journal={Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations},

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The power of virtual integration: an interview with Dell Computer's Michael Dell. Interview by Joan Magretta.

  • M. Dell
  • Business
    Harvard business review
  • 1998
Dell reaps the advantages of being vertically integrated without incurring the costs, all the while achieving the focus, agility, and speed of a virtual organization.

Refining and Extending the Business Model with Information Technology: Dell Computer Corporation

This research has been supported by grants from the CISE/IIS/CSS Division of the U.S. National Science Foundation and the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center to the Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations (CRITO).

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  • E-Consulting Alliances with Aris, Axon and OS Integration
  • 2000

Intel and Microsoft Work to Expand Dell E Works Products and Services for Web Businesses

  • Intel and Microsoft Work to Expand Dell E Works Products and Services for Web Businesses
  • 2000

Dell Gears Up To Slash Costs, May Trim Staff

  • Wall Street Journal
  • 2001

Computer Hardware and Software,” PC Magazine, November 1

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