Delivery Probability of 3D MANETs with Packet Replication


Delivery probability of three-dimensional mobile ad hoc networks (3D MANETs) remains largely unknown by now, which significantly stunts the development and commercialization of such networks. Available delivery probability studies of MANETs mainly focus on two-dimensional network scenario. Different from these works, we explore delivery probability performance in 3D MANETs. To address this issue, a general two-hop relay scheme with packet replication is adopted for packet routing. With this routing scheme, a source node can replicate a packet to at most f relay nodes, and these relay nodes will forward the packet to its destination node. In particular, we further develop a Markov chain model to depict packet delivery process under the routing scheme, based on which an analytical expression is derived for delivery probability. Extensive simulations are presented to validate the accuracy of theoretical delivery probability analysis and corresponding delivery probability results.

DOI: 10.1109/NaNA.2016.72

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@article{Wang2016DeliveryPO, title={Delivery Probability of 3D MANETs with Packet Replication}, author={Wu Wang and Bin Yang and Osamu Takahashi and Xiaohong Jiang and Shikai Shen}, journal={2016 International Conference on Networking and Network Applications (NaNA)}, year={2016}, pages={29-34} }