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Deliberative Democracy: Essays on Reason and Politics

  title={Deliberative Democracy: Essays on Reason and Politics},
  author={James F. Bohman and William Rehg},
Ideals of democratic participation and rational self-government have long informed modern political theory. As a recent elaboration of these ideals, the concept of deliberative democracy is based on the principle that legitimate democracy issues from the public deliberation of citizens. This remarkably fruitful concept has spawned investigations along a number of lines. Areas of inquiry include the nature and value of deliberation, the feasibility and desirability of consensus on contentious… Expand
The legitimation of deliberative democracy
This thesis explores issues of legitimacy in the theory and practice of deliberative democracy. The starting point is two problems which arise in classical accounts of deliberation. First, ifExpand
Deliberative Democracy in Transnational Governance: Problems of Legitimacy, Agency, and Representation
Is deliberative democracy a feasible model for democratizing transnational governance institutions? Recent literature presents deliberative democratic theory as viable notion of democraticExpand
Democratizing the Institutions of Policy-making: Democratic Consultation and Participatory Administration
Abstract: Guided by the egalitarian principles of “participatory deliberative democracy,” this essay argues that working through the crux of the democratic challenge requires strong politicalExpand
The Practice of Deliberative Democracy: A Study of 16 Deliberative Organizations
This article investigates 16 organizations that attempt to foster better public deliberation in local and national communities. It develops a typology of these organizations and discusses them in theExpand
Necessary Preconditions for Deliberative Environmental Democracy? Challenging the Modernity Bias of Current Theory
Democratic theorists have often seemed unconcerned about the practical applications of deliberative democracy and have restricted their concerns to normative and procedural values, leaving theExpand
On the Prospects for Democratic Deliberation: Values Analysis Applied to Australian Politics
Democratic theorists increasingly stress that democratic legitimacy rests primarily on authentic deliberation. Critics of deliberative democracy believe that this hope is unrealistic—thatExpand
Educating for Deliberative Democracy: The Role of Public Reason and Reasoning
Across the country, Americans are experimenting with a form of democracy–often referred to as deliberative democracy–in which ordinary citizens, public officials, and politicians engage in an open,Expand
Debating deliberative democracy : how deliberation changes the way people reason
The concepts of deliberation and deliberative democracy have attracted much attention in political theory over the past twenty years. At first seen as both highly idealised and unreflective ofExpand
Abstract Deliberative democracy is unrealistic, but so are rational-choice models of democracy. The elements of reality that rationalistic theories of democracy leave out are the very elements thatExpand
Legitimacy Problems in Deliberative Democracy
The classic accounts of deliberative democracy are also accounts of legitimacy: ‘that outcomes are legitimate to the extent they receive reflective assent through participation in authenticExpand