Deletion of beta-catenin impairs T cell development.

  title={Deletion of beta-catenin impairs T cell development.},
  author={Youyuan Xu and Daliya Banerjee and Joerg Huelsken and Walter Birchmeier and Jyoti Misra Sen},
  journal={Nature immunology},
  volume={4 12},
T cells encounter two main checkpoints during development in the thymus. These checkpoints are critically dependent on signals derived from the thymic microenvironment as well as from the pre-T cell receptor (pre-TCR) and the alphabeta TCR. Here we show that T cell-specific deletion of beta-catenin impaired T cell development at the beta-selection checkpoint, leading to a substantial decrease in splenic T cells. In addition, beta-catenin also seemed to be a target of TCR-CD3 signals in… CONTINUE READING