Deletion of TLR5 results in spontaneous colitis in mice.

  title={Deletion of TLR5 results in spontaneous colitis in mice.},
  author={Matam Vijay-Kumar and Catherine J. Sanders and R Travis Taylor and Amrita Kumar and Jesse D. Aitken and Shanthi V. Sitaraman and Andrew S. Neish and Satoshi Uematsu and Shizuo Akira and Ifor R Williams and Andrew T. Gewirtz},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={117 12},
Activation of TLRs by bacterial products results in rapid activation of genes encoding products designed to protect the host from perturbing microbes. In the intestine, which is colonized by a large and diverse population of commensal bacteria, TLR signaling may not function in a simple on/off mode. Here, we show that the flagellin receptor TLR5 has an essential and nonredundant role in protecting the gut from enteric microbes. Mice lacking TLR5 (TLR5KO mice) developed spontaneous colitis, as… CONTINUE READING
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