Deletion of CASK in mice is lethal and impairs synaptic function.

  title={Deletion of CASK in mice is lethal and impairs synaptic function.},
  author={Deniz Atasoy and Susanne Schoch and Angela S. P. Ho and Krisztina A Nadasy and Xinran N Liu and Weiqi Zhang and Konark Mukherjee and Elena D. Nosyreva and Rafael Fern{\'a}ndez-Chac{\'o}n and Markus Missler and Ege T Kavalali and Thomas C S{\"u}dhof},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={104 7},
CASK is an evolutionarily conserved multidomain protein composed of an N-terminal Ca2+/calmodulin-kinase domain, central PDZ and SH3 domains, and a C-terminal guanylate kinase domain. Many potential activities for CASK have been suggested, including functions in scaffolding the synapse, in organizing ion channels, and in regulating neuronal gene transcription. To better define the physiological importance of CASK, we have now analyzed CASK "knockdown" mice in which CASK expression was… CONTINUE READING