Delaying the mitochondrial decay of aging in the brain

  title={Delaying the mitochondrial decay of aging in the brain},
  author={Bruce N. Ames and Jiankang Liu and Hani Atamna and Tory M. Hagen},
  journal={Clinical Neuroscience Research},
Oxidative mitochondrial decay is a major contributor to aging and neural degeneration. In old rats (vs. young rats) mitochondrial membrane potential, cardiolipin level, respiratory control ratio, and cellular O2 uptake are lower; oxidants/O2, neuron RNA oxidation, and mutagenic aldehydes from lipid peroxidation are higher. Ambulatory activity and cognition declines with age. Feeding old rats for a few weeks with acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR), a mitochondrial metabolite, plus R-lipoic acid (LA), a… CONTINUE READING


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