Delayed-type allergy to spices.

  title={Delayed-type allergy to spices.},
  author={Aila Niinim{\"a}ki},
  journal={Contact dermatitis},
  volume={11 1},
9 common spices were tested epicutaneously in 338 dermatological patients, 118 of whom were allergic to balsam of Peru. Positive reactions to one or more spices were seen in 50 patients all of whom except 2 were allergic to balsam of Peru. The spices giving positive reactions most often were clove, Jamaica pepper and cinnamon (cassia). 2/3 of the patients allergic to balsam of Peru or spices were women, usually suffering from hand eczema. Peroral challenge with spices was carried out in 71… CONTINUE READING

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