Delayed regional metastasis from midfacial squamous carcinomas.

  title={Delayed regional metastasis from midfacial squamous carcinomas.},
  author={James L. Netterville and Robert J. Sinard and Gary L. Bryant and Brian B. Burkey},
  journal={Head & neck},
  volume={20 4},
BACKGROUND Metastases from mucosal and cutaneous carcinomas can present in a delayed fashion, and this late presentation may confer a different prognosis after conventional treatment. METHODS We present a series of patients in which there was a significant time delay between the treatment of a squamous carcinoma of the skin or mucosa of the midface and the detection of regional metastases in 12 of the 13 cases. Primary tumors were located on the lower lip and commissure (n = 3), nasal tip (n… CONTINUE READING