Delayed lung liquid absorption after cesarean section at term.

  title={Delayed lung liquid absorption after cesarean section at term.},
  author={Laura Martelius and Cecilia Jan{\'e}r and Liina S{\"u}vari and Otto M Helve and Kirsi Lauerma and Olli M. Pitk{\"a}nen and Sture Andersson},
  volume={104 2},
BACKGROUND Delayed postnatal removal of lung liquid may result in respiratory distress, which is more common in infants born by cesarean section. Vertical artefacts (B-lines) arising from the lung surface in lung ultrasound have been shown to correlate with the liquid content of the lungs. OBJECTIVES We studied whether lung ultrasound could be used for the assessment of postnatal lung liquid in healthy term infants born vaginally and by cesarean section. METHODS Lung ultrasound was… CONTINUE READING

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