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Delayed femoral nerve palsy following femoral vessel catheterization.

  title={Delayed femoral nerve palsy following femoral vessel catheterization.},
  author={B. Warfel and S. Marini and E. Lachmann and W. Nagler},
  journal={Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation},
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We report two cases with a delayed complication of femoral vessel catheterization: femoral nerve entrapment by iliacus hematoma. Both patients had femoral artery catheterization and postoprocedural anticoagulation, followed by iliacus hematoma eruption on the side of catheterization. Diagnosis was confirmed by computed tomography and electrodiagnostic studies. The pathogenesis of iliacus hematoma-induced femoral neuropathy has been studied in detail; however, the authors could find no previous… Expand
Subacute Femoral Compressive Neuropathy from Iliacus Compartment Hematoma
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Surgical correction of proximal femoral nerve entrapment.
Femoral Nerve Palsy due to Anticoagulant Induced Retroperitoneal Hematoma
An accessory iliacus muscle: a case report.