Delayed cardiac tamponade and hemothorax induced by an acupuncture needle.

  title={Delayed cardiac tamponade and hemothorax induced by an acupuncture needle.},
  author={Junichi Hasegawa and Naoya Noguchi and Junya Yamasaki and Hiroshi Kotake and Hiroto Mashiba and Shinjiro Sasaki and Tohru Mori},
  volume={78 1},
We report a 52-year-old man who presented with cardiac tamponade a few years after accidental breakage of an acupuncture needle that had not been removed. Thoracotomy showed a hemopericardium with penetration of the pulmonary artery by the very fine needle which was barely detected on the chest roentgenogram. This lesion was not suspected on the basis of roentgenography, two-dimensional echocardiography, or computed tomography, but was detected by the presence of other thick needles in the neck… CONTINUE READING


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