Delayed brainstem auditory evoked responses in diabetic patients.

  title={Delayed brainstem auditory evoked responses in diabetic patients.},
  author={Nigel Buller and Y Shvili and N Laurian and Lydia Laurian and Yuval Zohar},
  journal={The Journal of laryngology and otology},
  volume={102 10},
The incidence of subclinical central diabetic neuropathy is unclear due to difficulty in detecting latent alterations of central neural transmission process. The aim of this study was to evaluate a central neuroconductive mechanism in diabetics by brainstem auditory evoked responses (BAER). We found increased latencies of peaks I, III, V in diabetics as compared to control subjects. These BAER abnormalities were demonstrated in 62 per cent of insulin-controlled diabetics and in 33 per cent o… CONTINUE READING