[Delay of cicatrization of Linton type incisions].


The period of cicatrization of huge incisions of the leg, Lindon type, were verified in 181 surgeries. A quick cicatrization is obtained in 96% of surgeries whose aim is to resect varicose tissues massively or to ligate tibial perforating veins in sub- or supra-facial. On the other hand, post-hypodermectomy cicatrization for sclerosis of adipose tissue is much more tricky. It is often necessary to practice a resection of the atriophied skin, followed by a skin graft.

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@article{Stricht1993DelayOC, title={[Delay of cicatrization of Linton type incisions].}, author={J P van der Stricht}, journal={Phlébologie}, year={1993}, volume={46 4}, pages={603-7} }