Delay in the diagnosis of endometriosis: a survey of women from the USA and the UK.

  title={Delay in the diagnosis of endometriosis: a survey of women from the USA and the UK.},
  author={Ruth M. Hadfield and Helen J. Mardon and David H. Barlow and Stephen Kennedy},
  journal={Human reproduction},
  volume={11 4},
We investigated the length of time between the onset of pain symptoms and the surgical diagnosis of endometriosis in women from the UK and the USA. A total of 218 women with surgically confirmed disease, recruited through endometriosis self-help groups, completed a postal questionnaire. The mean +/- SD delay in diagnosis for women from the USA was 11.73 +/- 9.05 years, significantly higher than the equivalent delay of 7.96 +/- 7.92 years for women from the UK (P < 0.01). The stage of disease… 

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The delay in diagnosis of endometriosis was considered to be long, and especially so for young women with pelvic pain, and more information relating to endometRIosis should be offered to general physicians and gynaecologists in order to reduce the time taken to diagnose this condition.
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The results of this study highlight a considerable diagnostic delay associated with endometriosis and the need for clinician education and public awareness to decrease the long term-morbidity and complications that result from untreated endometiosis.
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The time interval to the diagnosis of endometriosis is long and mainly consists of the period of time the woman consults her first line medical professional.
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Non-invasive imaging techniques like 2-D and 3-D ultrasound are helpful in the early diagnosis and transvaginal laparoscopy has been shown to be most effective in ablating endometriomas with a maximum diameter of 3 cm.
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Teaching programs for doctors and public awareness campaigns might reduce diagnostic delay in Central Europe and the principal factors observed in the present study are false diagnosis and normalization of symptoms.
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The endometriosis-associated costs to society are aggravated by delayed diagnosis and empirical treatments, as are the costs to the individual when disease symptoms interfere with daily function.
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  • Zoë PugsleyK. Ballard
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Repeated consultations and negative investigations contribute to a median delay of 9.0 years before diagnosis of endometriosis, which may lead to a more positive outcome for women with this condition.
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There is a need for improved medical education on disease state for both patients and practitioners, as women still experience long delays and difficult journeys to an endometriosis diagnosis.
Using standardised data collection, the GSWH and WHSS will provide insight into the global impact of endometriosis and develop a validated, symptom-based, diagnostic tool.
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Using standardized data collection, the GSWH and WHSS will provide insight into the global impact of endometriosis and develop a validated, symptom-based, diagnostic tool.


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Analysis of the age of onset of pain symptoms in 83 sister-pairs concordant for endometriosis supports the suggestion that endometiosis has a genetic basis, although the precise aetiology of the disease remains uncertain.
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The uncertainties surrounding the diagnosis and management of endometriosis often leave the patient in pain, feeling confused by the limited information provided by her doctor and with a mixed bag of
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Deep dyspareunia, pain after intercourse and recurrent pain unrelated to menstruation or coitus was more common in women with endometriosis and those with post infective pelvic adhesions than in those with a normal pelvis.
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RA diagnosis is usually delayed for several months after symptoms begin, in large part because of delay in diagnosis by the physician, so the goal of initiating treatment extremely early may be unrealistic for most patients.
J. Assist Reprod Genet
  • J. Assist Reprod Genet