Delamination onset and design criteria of multilayer flexible packaging under high pressure treatments

  title={Delamination onset and design criteria of multilayer flexible packaging under high pressure treatments},
  author={Massimiliano Fraldi and Arsenio Cutolo and Luca Esposito and Gianpaolo Perrella and Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone and Lucia Sansone and Giuseppe Scherillo and Giuseppe Mensitieri},
  journal={Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies},
Abstract Delamination phenomena frequently occur when multi-layer flexible polymeric films are employed for high pressure treatments of food packaging for pasteurization and sterilization purposes, thus potentially limiting the reliability of this treatment technology. The motivation of delamination is however not yet well understood. For this reason, to catch the key factors leading to interlaminar stress fields which can be prodromal to localized delamination events, the issue of mechanical… Expand
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