Deinstitutionalization in Two States: The Impact of Advocacy, Policy, and other Social Forces on Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

  title={Deinstitutionalization in Two States: The Impact of Advocacy, Policy, and other Social Forces on Services for People with Developmental Disabilities},
  author={Susan L. Parish},
  journal={Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities},
  pages={219 - 231}
  • S. Parish
  • Published 1 December 2005
  • Political Science
  • Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities
This paper presents a comparative case study of diverse approaches to deinstitutionalization of developmental disabilities residential services in two Midwestern states. During the 1970s and 1980s, the convergence of leadership by advocates, legislators, and bureaucrats led to Michigan's rapid transformation from an institutional to a community-based system, which was further facilitated by a political culture open to innovation. In contrast, during the same period in Illinois, fragmented… 
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