Deification in Contemporary Theology

  title={Deification in Contemporary Theology},
  author={Roger E. Olson},
  journal={Theology Today},
  pages={186 - 200}
Although the concept of theosis, or deification, is usually associated with Eastern Orthodoxy, it has enjoyed an ecumenical renaissance in modern and contemporary Christian theology. Nevertheless, not all uses of the idea are equal; some fall short of its full significance in Orthodox soteriology. Within Orthodox theology deification has become the cause of some debate. The Palamite essence/energies distinction is essential if the idea of deification is not to lead to panentheism. 
Theosis (Deification) as a Biblical and Historical Doctrine
This is the first of the two articles by this author that research the doctrine of theosis, sometimes also called deification or divinization. The second article presents theosis as a New Testament
Theosis (Deification) as a New Testament and Evangelical Doctrine
This is the second one of the two articles by this author, which examine the doctrine of theosis, sometimes also called deification or divinization. The first article presented theosis as a biblical
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One of the more intriguing developments in Protestant theology over the past several decades has been the increasing interest in recovering a doctrine of theosis (or deification) for the contemporary
Adolf von Harnack and Karl Barth were equally incensed by the detrimental impact that the notion of deification had had on Christian theology. Lately, however, theosis has been discovered in Aquinas,
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Abstract Some contemporary Baptists (Medley and Kharlamov) argue that the conservative Baptists in North America need to incorporate the concept of deification into their traditional soteriology
Deification in Two Early Writings of St. Maximos the Confessor: Attaining Likeness to God
For St. Maximos the Confessor, the seventh century Byzantine theologian, deification was the ultimate goal of the monk and an event that required action both on the parts of God and the individual.
Baptizing Theosis: Sketching an Evangelical Account
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Jonathan Edwards's Reformed Doctrine of Theosis *
  • K. Strobel
  • Philosophy
    Harvard Theological Review
  • 2016
Amid a scholarly rediscovery of Protestant forms of theosis, questions of whether Jonathan Edwards developed a theotic account of redemption have received increased attention. Ironically, however,
Galatians 2:20 as a Corrective to Selected Contemporary Views of Christian Spirituality
GALATIANS 2:20 AS A CORRECTIVE TO SELECTED CONTEMPORARY VIEWS OF CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY Philip Adam McClendon, Ph.D. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2012 Chair: Dr. Robert L. Plummer This