Dehydropeptidase activity in certain animal and plant tissues.

  title={Dehydropeptidase activity in certain animal and plant tissues.},
  author={Vincent E. Price and Jesse P. Greenstein},
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Behavior of O-glycosyl and O-phosphoryl proteins in alkaline solution.
For these studies, two unique proteins were used: phosvitin, a well-characterized protein with 120 0-phosphoryl groups and no cystine or 0-glycosyl groups; and a glycopeptide related to the antifreeze protein from Antarctic fish, aWell-Characterized protein consisting of (Ala-Ala -Thr)n in which all of the threonyl residues are glycosylated.
High yielding synthesis of dehydroamino acid and dehydropeptide derivatives
By using a 4-dimethylaminopyridine (DMAP) catalysed reaction of β-hydroxyamino acid derivatives with tert- butyl pyrocarbonate [(Boc)2O], dehydroamino acid derivatives are obtained in high yields.


hp://w w w D ow nladed from Vincent E. Price and Jesse P. Greenstein TISSUES CERTAIN ANIMAL AND PLANT DEHYDROPEPTIDASE ACTIVITY IN 1947, 171:477-491
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