Dehydro-digitoxosides of digitoxigenin: Formation and importance for the digitoxin metabolism in the rat

  title={Dehydro-digitoxosides of digitoxigenin: Formation and importance for the digitoxin metabolism in the rat},
  author={Achim Schmoldt and Christoph Rohloff},
  journal={Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology},
  • A. SchmoldtC. Rohloff
  • Published 1 November 1978
  • Biology, Chemistry
  • Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology
SummaryOnly in the presence of NADPH and oxygen digitoxosides of digitoxigenin can be metabolized by rat liver microsomes. The metabolism includes 12β-hydroxylation, formation of digitoxosides less the terminal digitoxose and of lipophilic metabolites. The lipophilic metabolites of digitoxin (dt-3), digitoxigeninbis-digitoxoside (dt-2), and of — mono-digitoxoside (dt-1) are formed by oxidation of the axial OH-group of the terminal digitoxosyl yielding the corresponding dehydro-digitoxosides… 

Cleavage of digoxigenin digitoxosides by rat liver microsomes

Three successive cytochrome P450 catalyzed oxidations are necessary before digoxigenin (dg-0) can be obtained, and the highest oxibation rate was observed with dg-1 and by far the lowest with dG-2 as the substrate (concentration was 30/μM).

Dehydro-digitoxosides of digitoxigenin and digoxigenin: Binding to beef heart (Na++K+)-ATPase in relation to unchanged digitoxosides

SummaryDehydro-digitoxosides are metabolites of digitalis glycosides. In order to study their possible biological activity their affinity to (Na++K+)-activated ATPase was determined and compared with

Hydroxysteroid sulfotransferase and a specific UDP-glucuronosyltransferase are involved in the metabolism of digitoxin in man

By separation of different sulfotransferases it was found that the hydroxysteroid-ST is responsible for dt-0 and 3-epidigitoxigenin (epi-dt-0) sulfation and it can be supposed that a new GT form catalyses this reaction.

Pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and metabolism of digitoxin and derivatives in cats

Derivatives of dihydro-digitoxin (DHD) were studied in the search for a glycoside with a primarily extra-renal clearance and a faster elimination rate than digitoxin and the clearance and the elimination rate of DHD-methyloxime were significantly higher than those of digitoxin.

Radioimmunoassay forSerumDigoxin withLessInterference from Metabolites and Endogenous Digitalis-like Factors

Serum digoxin was assayed by this method in 200 patients, 47 of whom were studied by HPLCAlA, and values correlated better with “true digoxin” by HP LCAlA than did values found by direct assay.

Mobile Health Apps and Health Management Behaviors: Cost-Benefit Modeling Analysis

An accurate assessment of the effectiveness of mobile health apps necessitates distinguishing between lifestyle and health management behaviors and adopting a cost-benefit approach because individuals facing health concerns, such as a chronic disease, health emergency, health crisis, or health change, consider their affordances and situational effects.

A Virtual Reality Exergame to Engage Adolescents in Physical Activity: Mixed Methods Study Describing the Formative Intervention Development Process

This is the first attempt to develop a VR exergame designed to engage adolescents in physical activity that has been developed within a public health intervention development framework and suggests that this is a very promising avenue.



On the Mechanism of Digitoxoside Cleavage of Digitoxin in Rat Liver

No metabolism could be measured in vitro in the absence of NADPH or O2 suggesting that unchanged digitoxosides cannot be hydrolyzed by microsomal enzymes.

The hepatic excretion of digitalis glycosides and their genins in the rat.

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    The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics
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The biliary excretion of lanatosides A, lanatoside C, digitoxin, digoxin, digitoxigenin and digoxigen in rats has been examined by paper chromatographic and colorimetric methods and the relationship between the biliaryexcretion and the structure of these substances is discussed.

Metabolism of digitoxin in the isolated perfused rat liver. Effect of spironolactone pretreatment.

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    Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals
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The isolated perfused rat liver can be used as a model for in vivo studies of cardiac glycoside metabolism and biliary excretion and metabolic pattern, obtained from these studies in an isolated perfuse rat liver, mimic those seen in the intact rat.

Diphenylhydantoin metabolism by rat liver microsomes and some of the effects of drug or chemical pretreatment on diphenylhydantoin metabolism by rat liver microsomal preparations.

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It may be concluded that DPH binds only weakly to liver microsomes despite its low apparent Km and Ks values.

Darstellung und Eigenschaften von Dehydrodigitoxosiden des Digitoxigenins und Digoxigenins

Für Untersuchungen des Digitoxin‐Metabolismus sollten Oxidationsprodukte von Digitoxosiden des Digitoxigenins und Digoxigenins synthetisiert werden. Bei der katalytischen Oxidation (Pt,O2) in Aceton