Dehydration of coconut skim milk and evaluation of functional properties

  title={Dehydration of coconut skim milk and evaluation of functional properties},
  author={Aduja Naik and G. Venu and M. Prakash and K. Raghavarao},
  journal={CyTA - Journal of Food},
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Coconut skim milk (CSM) is a major by-product of the virgin coconut oil industry. It is rich in protein, carbohydrate and minerals but is currently not utilized and is being let out to the environment as waste. The objective of the present work is value addition to this by-product. Different dehydration methods such as drum drying, spray drying and freeze drying were employed for drying CSM. The proximate analysis of dehydrated CSM using different drying methods indicated high protein and sugar… Expand
Awareness of virgin coconut oil (VCO) as a functional food supplement has grown enormously. The treatment of raw material and processing parameters is crucial as they affect the overall yield andExpand
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Recovery of proteins from coconut milk whey employing ultrafiltration and spray drying
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