Degree Sequences with Repeated Values

  title={Degree Sequences with Repeated Values},
  author={Guantao Chen and Joan P. Hutchinson and Wiktor Piotrowski and Warren E. Shreve and Bing Wei},
  journal={Ars Comb.},
A given nonincreasing sequence D = (d1, d2, · · · , dn) is said to contain a (nonincreasing) repetition sequence D∗ = (di1 , di2 , · · · , dik ) for some k ≤ n − 2 if all values of D −D∗ are distinct and for any dil ∈ D ∗ there exists some dt ∈ D −D∗ such that dil = dt. For any pair of integers n and k with n ≥ k + 2, we investigate the existence of a… CONTINUE READING