Degradation signals in the lysine-asparagine sequence space.

  title={Degradation signals in the lysine-asparagine sequence space.},
  author={Takeo Suzuki and Alexander Varshavsky},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={18 21},
The N-degrons, a set of degradation signals recognized by the N-end rule pathway, comprise a protein's destabilizing N-terminal residue and an internal lysine residue. We show that the strength of an N-degron can be markedly increased, without loss of specificity, through the addition of lysine residues. A nearly exhaustive screen was carried out for N-degrons in the lysine (K)-asparagine (N) sequence space of the 14-residue peptides containing either K or N (16 384 different sequences). Of… CONTINUE READING

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