Degradation process of hyaluronic acid by Streptomyces hyaluronidase.

  title={Degradation process of hyaluronic acid by Streptomyces hyaluronidase.},
  author={Eiko Shimada and G Matsumura},
  journal={Journal of biochemistry},
  volume={88 4},
Saturated and unsaturated hyaluronate oligosaccharides were prepared from human umbilical cord hyaluronic acid by partial digestion with bovine testicular and Streptomyces hyaluronidase, respectively. After treatment with Streptomyces hyaluronidase, the distribution of degradation products from these oligosaccharides was determined. Octasaccharides, either saturated or unsaturated, were substrates of the minimum size. Tetra- and hexasaccharides were not degraded further and remained as final… CONTINUE READING