Degradation pathways of PCBs upon UV irradiation in hexane.

  title={Degradation pathways of PCBs upon UV irradiation in hexane.},
  author={Xiaoping Miao and S G Chu and Xiaobin Xu},
  volume={39 10},
The photodegradations of eight individual PCB congeners (5, 31, 52, 77, 87, 126, 138, 169) in hexane have been investigated employing a mercury lamp. All degradation reactions of the above mentioned PCB congeners are of the pseudo first order. The principal products of PCB decomposition are the less chlorinated biphenyls, and no PCB-solvent adducts are found. Symmetrical and coplanar PCB congeners show lower photoreactivities. The reactivities of the chlorine atoms at various positions of PCB… CONTINUE READING

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