Degradation of proteasomes by lysosomes in rat liver.

  title={Degradation of proteasomes by lysosomes in rat liver.},
  author={Ana Mar{\'i}a Cuervo and A Palmer and A. Jennifer Rivett and Erwin Knecht},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={227 3},
Proteasomes are high-molecular-mass multisubunit complexes which are believed, either by themselves or as a part of the 26S proteinase complex, to play a central role in extralysosomal pathways of intracellular protein breakdown. We have addressed the degradation of proteasomes in rat liver, investigating the possible role of lysosomes. Affinity-purified antibodies against rat liver proteasomes were used for immunoblot analysis of isolated lysosomes. Although proteasomes are not found in… CONTINUE READING

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