Degradation of p-nitrophenol in a BES-Fenton system based on limonite.

  title={Degradation of p-nitrophenol in a BES-Fenton system based on limonite.},
  author={Hu-chun Tao and Xue-Yan Wei and Li-juan Zhang and Tao Lei and Nan Xu},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
This study confirmed the feasibility of natural limonite working as the iron catalyst for the PNP wastewater treatment in the BES-Fenton system. After the start-up period of the BES-Fenton systems, air and limonite powder were injected into the cathode chamber as the original materials for manufacturing Fenton reagents of H₂O₂ and Fe(II) respectively. The experiment parameters like pH, external resistance, limonite dosage and initial PNP concentration were investigated in this research. The… CONTINUE READING

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