Degradation of dye solution by an activated carbon fiber electrode electrolysis system.

  title={Degradation of dye solution by an activated carbon fiber electrode electrolysis system.},
  author={Zhiqiang Shen and Wei Wang and Jinping Jia and Jianpin Ye and Xiaoqin Feng and Aihua Peng},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={84 1},
Degradation of 29 dyes by means of an activated carbon fiber (ACF) electrode electrolysis system was performed successfully. Almost all dye solutions tested were decolorized effectively in this ACF electrolysis process. Internal relationships between treatment mechanisms and chemical composition of the dye have been discussed in this paper. Generally, it is shown that higher solubility leads to greater degradation in the process. Dyes with many -SO3-, COO-, -SO2NH2, -OH, hydrophilic groups, and… CONTINUE READING


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