Degradation of azo dyes by laccase and ultrasound treatment.

  title={Degradation of azo dyes by laccase and ultrasound treatment.},
  author={Michael M. Tauber and Georg M. Guebitz and Astrid Rehorek},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={71 5},
The goal of this work was to investigate the decomposition of azo dyes by oxidative methods, such as laccase and ultrasound treatments. Each of these methods has strong and feeble sides. The laccase treatment showed high decolorization rates but cannot degrade all investigated dyes (reactive dyes), and high anionic strength led to enzyme deactivation. Ultrasound treatment can decolorize all tested dyes after 3 h at a high energy input, and prolonged sonication leads to nontoxic ionic species… CONTINUE READING


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